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Monday, June 14, 2010

Coming out stronger

Why do medicines have to be bitter to cure ailments? Must pangs of childbirth always precede delivery? Max Lucado suggests an answer:
“Light always hurts before it helps.”

Quit gulping temporary pain-killers for an ailment that requires surgery. Don’t paper over the cracks, own up to the truth. Plastering a burst pipe only postpones judgment day.

Delayed gratification in money, sex, food, some luxury or position is a painful endurance test, producing in you a robust harvest of discipline and character, which your mind and body require to generate the successful lifestyle God destined for you. When you deprive yourself of any pleasurable craving, you exhibit delayed gratification.

No big thing comes close to cheap, a price tag sticks to every prize. Each time you overcome a bad habit, you cross the threshold of self-imposed limitation. Are your habits pushing you forward or otherwise?

Uproot the weeds to save the life of your seed. The weeds are sapping your strengths. It takes a lifetime to build the reputation of a good character but a slight error of judgment to crumble it in a day. History and the Tiger Woods’ scandal have proven this. Endure the pain and get the gain.

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    By Anonymous Titilope Olajide, At 14 June, 2010 21:14  

  • thanks

    By Anonymous Titilope Olajide, At 14 June, 2010 21:17  

  • thanks

    By Anonymous Titilope Olajide, At 14 June, 2010 21:30  

  • Thanks

    titilope olajide

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 14 June, 2010 21:31  

  • Thanks Tunde. How's the family?

    Well done & have a splendid week.

    By Anonymous dayo akinmisere, At 16 June, 2010 11:12  

  • This is it: The truth we must all know!

    By Anonymous dupe erinosho, At 16 June, 2010 11:17  

  • Another great one Tunde, you keep challenging me with the wisdom you keep churning out.

    By Anonymous Kunle Oyelami, At 16 June, 2010 11:35  

  • Thanks so very much for this and all those inspirational msg. in your blog. Keep the flag flying…

    By Anonymous Segun Enujowo, At 16 June, 2010 20:15  

  • God bless you more and more each passing day. You are indeed a light to this dark world. YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SHINE!

    By Anonymous Opeyemi Alabi-Hundeyin, At 17 June, 2010 22:50  

  • This is the real truth. In order for us all to be a man/woman of integrity we must all be able to deny ourselves of important things to us. wao! but how many of us carry it out practically? Look at food! it amazes me when i see people who can't control themselves when it comes to what they eat. Lord have mercy on us all and give us the grace to be able to deny our flesh.

    By Anonymous Alade Omotayo, At 18 June, 2010 21:12  

  • Tunde Hundeyin, your messages do inspire. This one especially challenged me, thanks so much for being willing to be used by God.

    By Anonymous olutae, At 19 June, 2010 22:07  

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