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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rule your world

I have discovered a new and exciting way to attract the things you desire.

Instead of hunger, think food. In place of war, think peace. For sickness, think health. Don’t think lack, think prosperity- see abundance all around you. You produce the equivalent of your thoughts in the things you produce because your life is a physical manifestation of your thoughts. Is it not true?

To a large extent, what happens in the mind is what determines the outcome. Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it proceeds the issues of life (Proverbs).

You give your time and energy to the things you don’t want if you inundate your mind with them. So, think right, right? You don’t live on what you eat, but only what you digest. Thoughts have a voice. Thoughts have life. When full-grown, thoughts manifest.

Keep the end in sight. See the stars and visualise how bright your future is. Don’t remain stuck to your past or present. Bolt out of your lethargy and casualness. Overcome inertia by doing something about what you don’t feel like doing.

What’s your personal crusade? Find your voice, find your feet. Think right. Rule your world.

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  • Thank you Tunde. I agree with the ideas you have discussed here. Our lives move in the direction of our dominant thoughts. Weldone

    By Anonymous etido akpan, At 01 April, 2010 21:26  

  • One of your motivation write-ups (Of Recession and Redemption)has blessed me so richly and thought I should share the testimony with you.

    I used to believe money is meant to be spent and when it is not available, just take it like that, live your life till another one comes. Even though I know how to make wonderful financial plans, I never get to execute them because I will always buy on impulse, even the things I do not need and did not have a reason to keep the money.

    When I read your blogpost about the difference between WANTS and NEEDS, I purposed to follow my plans and always think to define if what I want to buy is a need or a want before I make the purchase.

    This month, I achieved my financial plan/budget and guess what!! I had extra cash left.

    This is to let you know that your write-ups are inspiring and touching the lives of many, I am one of the living testimonies.

    Keep up the good work, God will strengthen you the more.

    By Anonymous tolu onipede, At 01 April, 2010 22:42  

  • Thanks for sharing this. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

    By Blogger AlooFar, At 05 April, 2010 20:22  

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