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Monday, February 22, 2010

Go M.A.D!

Go M.A.D!

Making life decisions could be as tough as being at a crossroads, hemmed in by a cacophony of voices and not knowing where to turn. These are times when your sense of judgment is put to question and putting things in the proper perspective really becomes arduous.
This is when you need to really go Make A Decision, go M.A.D. Indecision is not an option

1. Overcome your web of confusion- usually you find it difficult making a decision because you’re confused about the options before you. You’re at a crossroads on if to get married, get a 2nd degree or travel abroad. Right? Simply prioritize. Choose the important option over the urgent.

2. Keep your goal in view- what do you really set to achieve by the decision? Self development? Then, go for 2nd degree. Adventure? Fly away. Decide your goal and make your choice. Success is immeasurable without a goal. Imagine your soccer team playing without a goalpost. Insanity!

3. Treat each factor of option individually- if your goal is to buy a shirt, don’t confuse colour options with designer options. Do you really want just any shirt or you want a red shirt or you desire a red shirt tailored by a notable designer or you just want a designer? These factors are means to an end.

4. Don’t rush, don’t fret, keep your composure- don’t make a decision when you’re hungry or desperate. Hungry people eat anything. Desperate people make desperate decisions. Be objective, sentiments produce frustrating results.

5. Make informed decision- listen to your strong voice of intuition. Perception. Seek expert advice. Or discuss with someone who has a high sense of judgment.

Bad decisions and failure are Siamese twins. The effect of a wrong attitude or a wrong career may stick on you forever.
Running on the right track could be Herculean. Receive faith and not failure, conviction and not confusion. With the insight to choose to walk to the right. Don’t get confused, go M.A.D!


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  • Thanks for sharing.

    By Blogger AlooFar, At 23 February, 2010 17:26  

  • Nice one, Amoye!
    We just have to make right decisions at every point in time, Making wrong decisions causes Stagnation, toiling hard for something that should have easy. I pray Tthat Holy spirit will help us all.

    By Anonymous Motunrayo Odukoya, At 26 February, 2010 00:10  

  • This piece is simply excellent. Your impeccable command of English and zero tolerance to typo errors are symbolic of a well-developed mind. Please keep it up.

    By Anonymous obe razaq, At 26 February, 2010 00:31  

  • "Great Tunde.....your oil won't run out!!!!"

    By Anonymous kunle oyelami, At 27 February, 2010 23:06  

  • Your thoughts are deep, informed and actionable.

    By Anonymous razaq, At 02 March, 2010 22:12  

  • Tunde Hundeyin, we can't thank you enough, we can only pray that the books in you will receive world wide readership and acknowledgements.

    By Anonymous kunle oyelami, At 06 March, 2010 22:35  

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