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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reversing a wrong decision

Let’s face it: we all make bad decisions once in a while. It takes a dose of courage, meekness and maturity to own up to having committed an error of judgment and undoing it. Every life, great or small, is a product of decisions.

My cousin who was studying architecture in the university suddenly discovered that his passion really was for law practice. His response? He took another exam, went back to the university and got a law degree. Today he runs his own chambers and he is fulfilled.

On a more serious level, a friend, Bola, called off her wedding one month to the event because of her fiancé’s overly selfish and over-possessiveness. She figured that signing the dotted lines with him might just translate to signing up for a lifetime of misery.

How do I fix myself when I find myself in a fix?

Accept your error: Find out where, when and how you bungled it. Own up to your errors, never pass the buck. Blaming parents, the past, the economy or supernatural forces for your setback is irresponsible.

Retrace your steps: If you find yourself in a pit, stop digging. That’s maturity. Get back on track if you discover you’ve missed the road. It does not matter how long you’ve stayed in the wrong, turn back and do what’s right. Shut your ears to side talks by critics. Right or wrong, they’d talk anyway.

Shun sentiments: Last September a policeman deployed to the bank opposite my office was involved in an accident and has since been in coma. He was on vacation when his boss recalled him, saying no other officer could fill in for him. This dutiful policeman was knocked down by an okada the same day he was forced to resume work. But hasn’t anyone replaced him for the last 6 months that he has been in coma?

Quit living to please others. Be bold enough to assert yourself and yield to your intuition and the voice of wisdom within.

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  • Tunde,
    The message came in at the exact time that i needed it.
    thanks so much

    By Anonymous adewale adebiyi, At 14 March, 2010 19:35  

  • God bless you sir.

    You are part of the change we need in this country. living for the people and not the profit. but know that as the earth remaineth harvest will always respond to seed. God is not mocked, whatever a man soweth that shall he reap.

    By Anonymous eyitayo lawal, At 14 March, 2010 19:39  

  • hey Tunde,

    i see you have forgiven me and resumed sending me! please keep it up.
    do have a great day/week.

    By Anonymous Seunfunmi, At 14 March, 2010 19:49  

  • Thanks for the Motivational words, they were really timely.

    By Anonymous bola adebajo, At 14 March, 2010 21:41  

  • Tunde,

    This piece is God inspired..."God's word is quick and powerful...discerning the thought and intents of the heart".

    God has just used you to address me and bet me, several thousands out there. I recently took a wrong decision as per a distant relative and being weighed down on how to reverse it when I came across this piece.

    This write up must stray into places of authority and effect a change.

    Bless you for blessing me!

    By Anonymous Taiwo Lemoshe, At 14 March, 2010 22:30  

  • great write up. really blessed by this.

    By Blogger byolar, At 25 March, 2010 00:37  

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