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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Changing with the changing times

“Changing times require change in people”, says Sam Adeyemi

The jobs of the 1980s have been transformed, or automated out of existence, same with those of the 1990s. Technological advancement and the recession are killing certain jobs and changing others. This is a call to recognize our days as changing times, which require dynamic attitudes, out-of-the-box thinking and the ability to see the big picture.

The new businesses created today will save the future. New businesses are emerging to save our world from carbon emission, global warming, terrorism, diseases etc.

Paradigms are changing fast. Old 20th century lines of thought are giving way to new ones. The ways we work, play, talk and exist are changing. We live in the push-button age where windows are opened by the click of a mouse, webs are surfed without spiders and chips are eaten by mobile phones. You can’t afford to think or act like it’s yesterday.

At job interviews, there is going to be a shift in focus from educational qualifications to requisite skills and experience. Focus will be on talent/ability rather than course of study. Eligibility will focus on skills and not on paper qualification.

Don’t merely study to earn a certificate and gain employment, study to increase knowledge. Develop globally competitive skills. Add value to yourself. Add value to society through a product or service and you won’t go broke.

Paul Pilzer says “Prosperity belongs to those who learn new things the fastest.” Understand the times. Upgrade your thinking. Improve your world-view. Be bold, attempt something novel. Approach your dreams. Fly with the eagles.

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  • Yeah, the paradigms are shifting (too) fast.

    Thanks for sharing.

    By Blogger AlooFar, At 12 May, 2010 10:25  

  • There is greatness in you, my brother, very soon, I see you speaking motivation to our troubled world. With persistence, we can truly heal our world.

    However, Stephen Covey was right when he said "sharpening the saw" is the most important habit of effective people. We can only get motivation from you for decades if you regularly get yourself serviced.

    By Anonymous paul ola, At 12 May, 2010 22:28  

  • How are you today? Thanks for your continuous timely word.

    By Anonymous dekanla adesalu, At 12 May, 2010 22:32  

  • Am moved by your motivational mails sent to my colleague. kindly forward same to me.

    By Anonymous Thomas Adejoh, At 12 May, 2010 22:58  

  • this particular posting appealed to me cos it has a prophetic undertone to it, some sort of prediction of what the trend would be like.i must say it is exceptional and loaded.the points marshalled are few but heavy.hope everyone wud get to know in what direction we are drifting.kudos brother.femi owoyemi

    By Anonymous femi, At 27 May, 2010 07:46  

  • My best part of the write-up is:

    "We live in the push-button age where windows are opened by the click of a mouse, webs are surfed without spiders and chips are eaten by mobile phones. You can't afford to think or act like it's yesterday."

    By Anonymous mimi anyam, At 29 July, 2010 20:11  

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