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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Becoming You.

Be the person that God destined you to be. Look beyond your nose and see the big picture. Don’t die like a chicken- scratching the soil for every tiny morsel of bread. Your life is much more than your job, big car, tastefully furnished apartment or even your current adversity. To focus on these things is to limit the essence of your existence; you’re more than meets the eye.

Possession begins with being. Robert Kiyosaki submits: Be. Do. Have. You must become the person you envision, act it, before you possess your dreams.

Living inside you is mass potential; you’re a plantation buried in a seed. You’re blessed with talent(s) that can positively change destinies and transform society. You’re a potential definition of positive influence. While you live, that which dies inside you must be awakened! You’ve never realised your potential because you’ve been defining yourself according to your past, your present and your environment.

Critics have despised you and your talent. Bolt out of that limitation and become the next success story. You are the architect of your life – you can’t afford to wait for “things” to happen to you, make them happen by planting the seeds that will generate the equivalent harvest! To get a job, apply; to become a business owner, get a winning idea; to find happiness, make others happy.

You were not programmed for regret or setbacks, they’re wedges to stop you from the greatness that lies within and waits ahead. For how long will you allow yesterday’s memories to hold you back? Wake up, believe in yourself and trust God to make your dreams come true. Live supernaturally.

There’s hope for you. Choose to believe. Search till you find your way through life’s maze and find your utopia, your destiny. One of life’s tragedies is to come, to see but not to conquer. Conquer you, conquer the world!

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  • wow!!!!!dis is realy mind-blowing...never knew u wia in2 motivational talks.....Nice one 4 real

    By Blogger Leedia, At 08 April, 2010 20:48  

  • tanks i love you

    By Anonymous sunday hundeyin, At 13 April, 2010 21:24  

  • I love this:
    "You were not programmed for regret or setbacks, they're wedges to stop you from the greatness that lies within and waits ahead....Search till you find your way through life's maze and find your utopia, your destiny."

    By Anonymous mimi anyam, At 29 July, 2010 20:15  

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