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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The imagination revolution

Imagine a world without people. Imagine people are without imagination. That’s absolute blackness, don’t you think?

Every technological, political or social breakthrough is a product of someone’s fantasy and action. A fantasy can change a million realities. That Walt Disney fiddled with the idea of a huge amusement park with colourful displays based on his films- created Disneyland in America, Europe and Asia. Each centre hosts millions of tourists annually. The massive transformation of the hitherto filthy Lagos environment through the Mega City Project by the Governor, Babatunde Fasola, is another product of imagination.

Albert Einstein says, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Knowledge is the seed of imagination. Imagination causes revolution. Let it develop the wings of the eagle in your mind. Dream. Do. Achieve.

Brands that create stories that spark customers’ imagination will always win. The Information Age will not last as long as the previous. The next wave- the Imagination Age, is already upon us. Brands’ pay-offs now convey messages like Rule your World (Glo), It’s in you (Peak Milk), One day, cars will drive themselves (Bank PhB) and There’s a drop of greatness in every man (Guinness).

Consumer brands are now moving us into the Imagination Age, developing brand concepts that introduce us to who we are or who we can be. This adds emotional and psychological value to us through the power of imagination- and it works! We buy the products because we want to get that emotional or psychological value.

Your idea doesn’t have to be as big as Disney’s or Fashola’s, do it your way. Big things were once small. Start small.

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  • Thank you for that word...

    By Anonymous Adekanla DESALU, At 27 May, 2010 21:33  

  • Thumbs up Tunde, what you've given over the past 12 months is something
    to be proud of. keep it up.

    Much as it's evident that imagination has run 'wild' on positive and
    negative bias in this generation, the fruit of imagination has been with
    us since time. Much of development we see now are prolific serial
    improvements on the research work done over the past 2 centuries. And
    while it's given a leap to a few people and countries, it's also created
    complexity, ethical challenges and other problems of manageability. It
    cannot be stopped, even regulated.

    What I think is needed is the wisdom to manage the mess the imagination
    is creating.

    By Anonymous tosin dania, At 27 May, 2010 21:37  

  • Congratulations on MT anniversary! More grease to your elbow & God would take u places. Thanks a lot 4 those editions you've sent 2 me, they've been of great encouragement to me.

    I'm really amazed @ d pace u're going. Your intelligence intimidates me a lot of times. Sure Morike would have something great to download from u, she's so blessed!

    Anyway,its obvious His hands are upon u & of a truth your latter end would really be greater than your beginning.

    How's your family? fatherhood? parenthood? Trust u're good. I'm so happy 4u.
    Regards to Ope & Morike!

    By Anonymous dayo akinmisere, At 29 May, 2010 20:48  

  • Motivation today protect tomorrow's Product and breakthrough. Thanks T.A.H II

    By Anonymous ikenna joshua, At 01 June, 2010 23:01  

  • Tanx 4 Ds edition.I'm encouraged 2 start something i've been proposing in my own little way too. GOD Bless u real good!

    By Anonymous Akinmusire Adedayo, At 04 June, 2010 20:39  

  • please keep it up ore. truly there is power in our thoughts, i mean imagination.

    By Anonymous Emmanuel Harrison, At 05 June, 2010 13:39  

  • hi,

    By Anonymous debola kolawole, At 14 June, 2010 20:29  

  • MT has been a ready source for inspiration. Insightful and thoughtprovoking. Pls keep it up.

    By Anonymous Ilesanmi Babatunde Brillow, At 16 June, 2010 23:57  

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