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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Through thick and thin

Things are not easy, that’s true. Though times don’t last but though people do. Quit going through life with your head bowed- look up, stare adversity in the face and say, “You are a set-up for my advancement!”

That’s the winning attitude. Viewing problems and life’s challenges as stepping stones and not as thorns should be your lifestyle. And that’s true. Mike Murdock says, “The size of your enemy is proof of what you have the ability to conquer.”

Roses have thorns, clouds carry storms. You’ll do best to keep your gaze on the colours of the roses, not on the thorns. Think of the freshness that diffuses after the storm cloud. Be positive.

“There’s hope for he that is joined to the living, a living dog is better than a dead lion” (King Solomon). Repeated failure is no reason to commit suicide or claim that success is others’ exclusive right.
“Never rewrite your theology to accommodate a tragedy.” (Mike Murdock)

Success is for the strong at heart, the man with guts, the woman with faith and the people whose eyes are fixated on their goals. You’ll overcome your unemployment/under-employment, sickness, inertia, confusion and unfulfilled dreams.

To focus on what you’re going through is failure, to focus on what you’re going to is success. What’s your choice?

Struggle is the evidence that you’re still in the fight; wrestling and unconquered. Contractions come before birth, warfare before miracles and seed before fruit: thin before thick!

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