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Monday, January 18, 2010

What advice would you give a sacked banker 2?

He’s a broadcaster extraordinaire, a polyglot and an exceptional master of ceremony, MC. That he’s a world-class media personality is no doubt. His name- Bisi Olatilo. You have certainly seen his show.

Saturday Sun says “his story is an inspiring story of audacity, persistence, passion and hard work.” His broadcasting career has taken him through Radio OYO, Radio Nigeria, Voice of Nigeria, later Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN.

What you may not know about Bisi Olatilo is that he was sacked from FRCN! Sacked? Yes, you read that right. He was laid off for engaging in private practice (PP) or freelance business deals. That included legitimate jobs like script writing in Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo & Pidgin, MC-ing and jingle production.

He says, “I didn’t bargain for it. But today, I am thanking God that it happened the way it did.” That’s because 10 years after, he’s a multi-millionaire doing the business he established after his dismissal. More importantly is the brand, fame and the goodwill he’s been able to build for himself. I doubt if this would have been possible as an everyday newscaster in FRCN. Do you agree?

To be continued…

Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin II

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  • Hello Tunde,
    We cannot continue to keep silent to the fact that you are an avid inspirator on this forum.

    This current post is simply the tonic some of us need to reinvigorate our passion for the things we loved to do......some of us were great in acting (Peacemakers) , some in writing songs (Lanre Izamure - family song), poems and all sorts, where are you all, where are those talents that got up giving standing ovations way back. Just before I read this post, this afternoon while sitting at the corridors of Eko Hotel waiting to meet some clients, I remembered a particular song mitress by name Georgina.... .where on Earth is she now......please let's dig up our talents again from whereever we might have buried them........ ..I'm searching inwardly now.

    Tunde thanks a great deal for this piece......


    Kunle Oyelami

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 19 January, 2010 21:17  

  • Tunde lovely piece,

    I admonish you all, you are down but not out. its all a divine set up for a glorious and enviable tomorrow. never ask God why me? but what next. there is more within you that you can churn out and make a difference. I say to you PURSUE, OVERTAKE AND WITHOUT FAIL RECOVER ALL

    Taiwo Olamiposi Lemoshe

    By Anonymous taiwo lemoshe, At 20 January, 2010 21:30  

  • tunde nice piece, but from HR (human resources) perspective Bisi was wrong. Why? If on his contract it states (and I KNOW IT WOULD) 'you are to give all your time to the FRCN and not engage in other work...' He is in breach of contract and that would have cooked his goose! Think about it...a contract is a contract.

    By Anonymous utonwa, At 24 January, 2010 13:40  

  • With all due respect Utty, I beg to differ, on the grounds that organisations finds it easy to crack that contract-breach wand but they can terminate or adjust contract or buy you out of it as it's so convinient for them or simply when they do not need you anymore...or upgrade your contract if you becomes a threat or you wanna go over to be a competitor ....bottom line is no negotiation is permanent, no deal is fix, it depends on where, what and when factors.... it's not so unusual for employees to willfully break thier contract if it becomes a limitting factor....
    Sent from my iPhone

    By Anonymous Jide Sotunbo, At 24 January, 2010 14:04  

  • Tunde, I say kudos to you for the nice piece of inspiration. Altho I may not subscribe to PP that comes in conflict (whether by time or similar profession) with your work (and I believe morals and legality is in support of my position), but come to think of it- do employers of today have to find you guilty of a PP before they fire you if they want to? Has anybody thought of the dynamics of interests and politics in work place, the unethicals, the unjustified treatments and so on that employers subject their people to without recourse to so called contact... Worse still this ends the people in disengagement. Pls ask many of our colleague bankers now, your ears will be filled with sad tales especially the current phase which "sanutisation" has brought them!

    I think if we combine all these people's experiences together, there is a salient learning that other people's experiences are better than your own (unfortunate) experiences to learn from. To also add, we need (altho not a palatable one) experiences like these to sometimes strengthen us in life in as much as we can shape the right perspective when the chips are down. When there are no signs, envisage the best and the worst as possible scenarios, put on your thinking cap, pray to God always, have a positive resilient spirit... We know all these things in theory, but what do we do when practicals are here with us? Critique every situation seriously with a view to assuring yourself that your best interets is secured in it.

    By Anonymous Richard, At 25 January, 2010 22:31  

  • I am saying all these because I have gone thru similar or even worse experience which are my testimonies. .. And these testimonies never stop! I can just highlight some 10% if I will not bore you too much. At a significant time in my career when in a recognized multinational doing well, wedded, bought a car, and apartment under 4 months then the "insider" politicking was rife. For a reason as minor as not apologizing to my junior when she was reckless with work that was supposed to bring pride + success to us as a company and I queried her, I was bullied to resign. My options were not so many because there is no justice in our land, I was alone and the loans were heavy on me. My wife was heavy with our first baby, all dependants were in for a trouble. I left with just N14k cash that barely lasted me a week and would be jobless for another 3-4 months... I saw hell! During that time my wife delivered our baby. But the perspective I mentioned earlier was what I put on to face life head-on. I did not beg, but quickly organized my wife (whom I had trained in catering and cloth making) and I started entering offices with my proposals. Some of them gave us the chance, and while we do that in afternoons,I had gone with my car to do "kabukabu" mornings and evenings within Lagos and adjoining towns like Abeokuta. That was my foundation of being creative, as before then I used to live like life was somehow a bed of roses. I came back to paid job after that tough phase with x2 of my last pay,and shortly after got another job that earned me better pay and even a car. Most of my mates I left there in their unshaken comfort zones don't know what it means to ever be independent, they have not been exposed to people, events work and even responsibility that I have taken. Many of them can't even think beyond the rat race paid jobs... But I must also tell you, colleagues, that it has not been bed of roses even with all my elevation. I have been at work and without a sign, one morning coming from hospital where me and my wife and 2 kids were admitted I was framed up with some other colleagues that made the 3 of us land in a police cell where we were bailed after 3 days. My 2nd boy (barely 6 months old) was removed from hospital drip on admission with my wife on okada in the streets of Lagos to attend to me in police cell throughout the 3 days. But in all things, am grateful to God for so much exposure (which I was never prepared for). I advanced with every move, whether the cause was good or bad, and today am a force to be reckoned with in my field, I live happily with my family in my own house built, my small businesses are beginning to make a statement, I also earn well glory to God.

    The main take out is tough times have a way of strengthing you if you keep the right perspective. There is always a next level opportunity in the stormy periods too, which I encourage us all to seek (in a way) even if all is rosy with us for so long.

    Shall I say more...


    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.

    By Anonymous Richard, At 25 January, 2010 22:32  

  • Hello Richard,
    Please go on and say more, infact say it all......(lol! ), this is an intriguing one.
    Utty; as Richard did rightly said, no one is supportive of PP on the job, the learning point here is that some of us have wings but never know we can fly until we were pushed down the cliff. Honestly I feel the same but really yet to come to terms with myself...... let us take the lesson and not attempt to judge this story......remember ? "A JOB is Just-Over-Broke" - Robert Kiyasoki.

    Thank you,

    Kunle O.

    By Anonymous Kunle Oyelami, At 25 January, 2010 23:00  

  • Wow, wat a nice chain of arguments. Thanks all.

    Utty, thanks. we all know that its against HR policy and we all know that companies change/modify contracts without notice. I know someone whose salary was reduced without notice bcos of a change in tax deduction. A friend's salary has been reduced without notice bcos of targets. I heard about a company that once deducted from its employees' salary accts without notice (all the money in their accounts o) bcos their customers were indebted to the company! Can u beat these? Are these practices in-line with labour law or the law of the land?

    We live an unjust world, cruel pple and unfair balances. My point in all my treatises is- get something to do by the side, don't depend on ur salary. In these days of paycuts and increasing expenses, it is wise for one to generate other means of income. View personal finance (thru salaried jobs) as a wash-hand basin that has only 1 tap (source of income) but many drains (expenses) that carry the water away. It's a 30-day cycle for many pple, where they get rich on Jan 1 and go broke by Jan 30, get rich again by Feb 1 and go broke again by the end of the month etc.

    Would u tell me that the HR folks and top management who make these rules don't have bizes they do by the side? Someone shld correct me if am wrong!

    The recent take-over of sacked bank chiefs' assets speaks volumes about how pple who make the rules for Corporate Nigeria are the most culpable of these no-PP rule. Hypocrisy, that's the word.

    Am most touched by Richard's story. I know it would encourage someone.

    By Blogger tundehundeyin, At 26 January, 2010 20:50  

  • Richard your story is very interesting. Tough times never last but tough people do. My people hope we are learning from this...sometimes we see scriptural examples as stories but here we have flesh and blood, someone we all know that has encouraged us all with his example.

    Four rivers watered the garden, we all need multiple sources of is not enough always prepare for the unexpected!

    Our best days are your eyes now. look within...meditate on these things that your progress might appear to all.

    Tunde thanks for setting the stage for this, Richard many thanks for sharing, im blessed.

    By Anonymous Taiwo Lemoshe, At 26 January, 2010 20:59  

  • Great thanks for all your comments. I am glad this "chip" of my testimony touched us, believing that it will spur us to needed action going forward.

    Pastor Taiwo, thanks. Hi Tunde, thanks too. One info that stenghtens my/our position (which I forgot to mention) is that few months before my sack on the job, I got a better job offer but I declined the job on the sentiments that I just entered the coy then, and my office colleagues begged me not to leave early then so I can help break a terrible jinx on the manager then who lost 2 other guys in my position before my time at less than 6months- do you understand? Eventually, my sentiments did not pay off, I left my interest to helping my manager break a jinx that he later took me personal for a girl and 'dealt' with me!

    I am hoping to come forward with more teachings- career and motivational life experience as we find them relevant to our discussions on this forum in future. I say thank you again, and God bless.

    But it is not yet over until it is over!

    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.

    By Anonymous Richard, At 26 January, 2010 21:39  

  • Tunde tanks for all yiour encouragement but i still dey experience some difficulties on my blog people find it difficult posting comments on it.

    By Blogger Chinedum Adim, At 17 February, 2010 17:15  

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