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Sunday, January 10, 2010

What advice would you give a sacked banker?

Let’s have a discussion on the current issue in our labour market.

What would you advise a friend who just lost his job to the current wave of massive job loss? 5,000 bank jobs were lost last December alone, that’s over 15,000 Nigerians deprived of their daily bread as a result of organisational restructuring and global recession, or what do you feel?

I have a few thoughts…and I guess you’ve got yours too.

Develop latent talents- I’d advise my friend to look inwards. Inside every individual are resources that have the potential of creating wealth. He needs to list his talents and develop 1 or 2 into marketable skills. Creativity for fashion, humour for stand-up comedy, organising for events management… talents abound that can be developed into money-making ventures.

Make network work- he should leverage on his wealth of contacts garnered through years of experience in the banking industry. Goodwill is the intangible currency money can’t buy.

 Above all, I’d tell him to see his job loss as an opportunity in disguise. People never know how high they can jump until a lion chases them. Creativity is birthed when one’s mental faculties are effectively engaged. This crisis should create an avenue for new ideas/opportunities.

Okay now, have I given some sound advice? Oh, you feel he should scout for another job? That’s if you’d give him one. If you still have your job, this is also for you.

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  • Sir, i think every employee should ask himself the question what if i am laid off today? Prepare a back up plan and start running a business part time....

    By Blogger empower yourself, At 11 January, 2010 19:36  

  • Hmmnnn...
    Tunde this is a nice piece.
    Spot on!
    Sign me on for more of 'em great churns.

    By Anonymous Babatunde, At 11 January, 2010 22:45  

  • I ll advice him to first use the first month after his sack to plan more for his life so as to avoid further or future occurrence, then if at all hes gonna pick up another job, he should have something somewhere working for him, so that as he grows in his Salary Job, the other one set aside grows also. IT WORKED FOR ME, THOUGH, I WASNT SACKED, I RESIGNED.

    Adebiyi Adewale

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 14 January, 2010 22:41  

  • i'll advice him to first of all fix whatever benefit paid to him for 2-3 months on a minimum of 10% interest over a 30day turnover, he should know this more than me, then think of some thing he can do for himself that will yeild atleast 10% of whatever he invests everymonth. i am not a banker but its working 4 me

    Cyrils Nkwocha

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 14 January, 2010 22:43  

  • tunde,its bin a whil.ow are u and d family?hapi nu yr

    Feyikemi Kusoro

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 14 January, 2010 22:44  

  • You gave the real one there. But the suggested industry is full of new entrance everyday. Start a small business with what ever available- start small and see it grow!!Leverage on good and friendly friends around him to raise funds. Live a very low life now. Utilise his car( if he has any) to run the connection new business.

    2. If no idea of a new ... See Morebusiness, if he has a friend runing a private business, let him join; if the good wont mind. Take any offer for now- plan on it and there, grow his own business( iron sharpens iron).

    3. Go dip in prayer for a lead from the heavens...... for that need of human that require attention......That is the BIG IDEA....that rules.

    Farayola Kolawole

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 17 January, 2010 22:41  

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