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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Never Say Die

Every life accomplishment is an aggregate of many things: time, effort, experience, opportunity, courage and determination- all working together to produce an enviable future. Always remember that nothing comes easy, every cake is a product of heat. If life were that cheap, hard life would not be an option for some.

Realise that in the horizon exists for you a beautiful landscape of great opportunities but the journey is punctuated by craters, stumbling blocks and hills. What do you do with a stumbling block? You either trip over it then fall by the way or you make it a stepping stone to having a clearer glance of the horizon. You make the difference by your attitude, perspective and determination.

If you successfully execute a plan without an encounter with a stumbling stone, you have not achieved anything because success is the overcoming of challenges. Success becomes elusive when you expect zero resistance.

What should happen when you face a resistance? Persevere. Develop staying power. Samuel Johnson says, “Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance.” I have a friend who lost her pregnancy at an advanced stage 2 years ago. It was so devastating. Last year, she tried again and it was the same story. It could be so frightening, the thought of another pregnancy- all the uncertainties, the embarrassment and the side talks. She focused on her goal, defied all these and conceived again. Last month, she delivered a pretty girl. Achievement is like wrestling- you don’t quit when you’re tired, you quit when your opponent is tired.

  • Encourage yourself- Stonsifer says, “Don’t be discouraged; it may be the last key in the bunch that opens the door.” True. You may need to explore all your options to achieve your goals. You need to be strong to surmount every challenge you face. Slip out of depression and think clearly.
  • Use what you have- Focus, not on your weaknesses but on your strength. A well-developed strength has the capacity to compensate for a thousand weaknesses. My focus here is on talent, not on character flaws. If having applied for white-collar jobs and you have been unsuccessful, why don’t you consider developing your core competency? Do you show potential in photography, events decoration, baking, catering, hairdressing, interior decoration, IT etc? Identify what you have, develop it to a marketable skill and have the faith in your ability. Nigeria as an emerging market shows lots of promises for skilled people; the era of dependence on university certificate is fading out. Plug in and take your place.
  • Get back up- A wrestler may get knocked down many times in a fight but the outcome is determined by his resilience. Are you willing to try again? Are you willing to knock another door even if you’ll be spat at? Last week, I set out to take aerial photo-shots of Lagos Island. I met a brickwall at the 1st skyscraper I approached as I was told point blank that it was a no-go area for such. I trekked further down Broad Street and I was given the same line at another skyscraper. I was even insulted at the 3rd building I visited. Yet, I moved on till I met an accommodating officer who was generous with the roof-top of his skyscraper. I made away with 61 shutter clicks within 10 minutes of sheer photographic indulgence! You can have what you seek if you stand up to it. Persistence is proof of desire.

Limitations are not due to the lack of ability but the lack of faith in your ability. Assert your individuality and the crowd will make way for you. “Set yourself on fire and the world will watch you burn” (Unknown). Winston Churchill says, “Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Take stock, think, change strategy, and knock again. Overcome the fear of rejection. Your next trial may just be the turning point.


  • Thank you Tunde, you are doing a good work.

    By Anonymous Akpan Etido, At 09 July, 2011 12:53  

  • Am highly blessed by the post, especially your last statement "Take stock, think, change strategy, and knock again. Overcome the fear of rejection. Your next trial may just be the turning point". Thank you very much.

    By Anonymous Olufemi Ogunbona, At 09 July, 2011 12:55  

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