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Friday, November 12, 2010

Why people fail 5

Only a fool describes success as material acquisition. There’s never a goal without a goal post, therefore, success is the accomplishment of set goals.

If you meet your monthly sales target for instance, then you’ve succeeded for that period. If you set a goal of shedding 10kg over a period of time or you overcome a bad habit like philandering or dishonesty or you break an addiction like smoking- you’ve succeeded. Success is reality meeting vision.

Success has rewards, which may differ in form- fulfillment, money, cars, real estate, treasures, friends, promotion, merriment, power or happiness. Never confuse the reward for success with the definition of success. Success is creating a path where none ever existed. It is leveraging on one’s faith, courage and action to create a better experience. It’s the fight for control.

People fail doing the wrong things- Which is better: to dig a borehole in a desert or on fertile ground? Don’t be an expert in damage control. The sun dominates the day as the moon controls the night. Redirect your energy towards your strengths, not your weaknesses. What do you do so well like a hobby that you won’t mind not being paid to do? What do people hail you for? What are your talents, skills or passion?

Leverage on these strengths, your ingenuity will manifest and you’ll flourish.

Can you picture David Beckham doing your refuse bin or Tu Face as a university lecturer or Mike Adenuga as a soccer star? Dagrin struck fame rapping his hilarious lyrics in his mother tongue, having identified English language as his deficiency.

Relocate to your natural habitat and make an eternal difference. Pitch your tent where you’ll be appreciated and not tolerated. Fishes survive in water only; they have no destiny in the jungle.

Stress, frustration, disappointment, regrets, unhappiness and of course, failure- are usually the indicators that one is operating in a wrong environment, doing the wrong things to make ends meet. Are you experiencing any of these? Frankly re-assess yourself or seek honest counsel from achievers who have been able to break free from this web of confusion and oblivion. There is more to you than meets the eye.

Sound fulfillment and joy are benefited from doing the things that you love to do- regardless of the value of the reward derivable from them. Many people are wasting away in banks, telecom & oil firms merely pushing the buttons and waiting for the next pay cheque because they are unready to assert their individuality, develop their potentials & stretch their faith.

Set a terminal date for a job that will take you nowhere into your dreams, plot your tracks into your utopia and become the king/queen that you really are.

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