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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why people fail 4

Success has many children. If you succeed, you succeed for all; if you fail, you fail for yourself. No one wants to associate with a stigma like failure for failure is no man’s business.

Time has a way of stratifying ex-classmates depending on how they’ve utilized their talents, potentials, energy, environment and time itself. Have you never been puzzled seeing failures who boast that certain famous people were once their classmates or childhood friends? If life were to bestow success on everyone, no one would ever have bothered to work or to have dreams.

Life does not give desire, but it rewards smart work. Beneath the edifice of success is always work. If you tag it hard work, smart work, or action, you won’t be wrong. This suggests that the actions that you invest in every 24hours will determine if you’ll be regarded as a success or a failure. Is TIME a friend or an enemy? Is time a productive resource for you? Are you getting sufficient mileage and leverage with time? If you’ll ever become the success that you are, you’ll always wish each day were 30hours.

People fail for their disrespect of TIME. Interestingly it is the ONLY capital God has given everyone equally: young or old, rich or poor, man or woman, Negroid or Caucasian. With this resource, you can choose to write, rewrite or obliterate your history. Each tick of the clock is a step into an opportunity to make a decision, chart a new course, sign a cheque, apply for a job, make a proposal, say no, say yes, start a business, help someone, push a button, trigger the domino effect or sit aloof in inertia. Whether or not you ride on the wings of time, time passes by- like a river.

We must push back the misuse of time by reducing man-hours wasted in mindless traffic, useless gossips, baseless cyber perambulations and in wasteful parties. Educate yourself in your spare time- read a book/newspaper, acquire/develop a skill, travel to a new place, develop relationships, know God, study nature or learn something new. Time is cash, time is who you’ll become.

People also fail for wishful thinking. Manna has only fallen from heaven for a season, don’t expect that your life’s desires will manifest without a kick-start. Don’t wish that Mr. Right will knock on your door on a bright Saturday morning. Quit dreaming that $1m will drop into your account without any effort. Perish fairy tale imaginations.

Every moving object is empowered by a force. Translate your vision to action by moving mountains. “Success” comes before “work” only in dictionaries. Only a well is built from the top. Get your hands dirty and build from the ground up. Get started, keep your focus, endure the heat, endure till your light dawns, celebrate and repeat the success.

N1m is N1 in one million units. N1m minus N1 is less than a million naira. Every effort or trial counts. Never give up at the 1st trial, not even the 2nd or 3rd. Failing at the 1st trial is an indication that you’re getting it wrong, learn your lessons. Each effort gives you an idea about what makes for failure and invariably, success. You increase your success rate by your failure rate. The joy of one success story kills two failure stories. Why are you afraid to fall? Get back on your feet when you fall. The man who has fallen while trying is far more experienced than the fellow who has folded his hands to fate. Get past the crippling emotion that comes with failure. You have the capacity to succeed as big as you desire because God designed you to be the success that you are. Succeed!

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  • Great stuff!

    Well done!

    By Anonymous noludipe, At 31 October, 2010 20:39  

  • Great words!! God bless you sir.

    By Anonymous idowu famuyiwa, At 31 October, 2010 20:41  

  • Tunde, lovely piece, captivating from beginning to end.

    Your pen will not fail in Jesus name.

    By Anonymous pastor T, At 31 October, 2010 20:45  

  • Like.

    By Anonymous toju tuedor, At 01 November, 2010 20:58  

  • Thanks and happy new month.
    Starting from today being the 1st day in the month of November, you are moving from glory to glory; anything you lay your hands shall prosper in Jesus Name. Your dream will not die, your plans will not fail, your destiny will not be aborted, the desires of your heart will be granted, Say a big AMEN . Money will know your Name and Address from now on. Heavens have confirmed 2day the end of your sufferings, sorrows & pains because he that sits on the throne has remembered u. He has taken away the hardship and given U JOY. He will never let you down. Don't feel selfish to have these blessings alone share with your family.

    By Anonymous emmanuel abiola, At 01 November, 2010 21:41  

  • Tee, u're becoming something else. These words are wonderful, keep it up pal.

    By Anonymous tope falade, At 02 November, 2010 21:18  

  • Thanks my brother. I believe God to enlarge your territory.

    You are doing a great work.

    By Anonymous adebola lemoshe, At 02 November, 2010 21:20  

  • Thanks of your motivations and encouragement may God continue to bless
    you and increase your wisdom.

    By Anonymous tijani ademola, At 10 November, 2010 20:04  

  • This is really a thought provoking and action demanding piece. God bless u

    By Anonymous Osas O., At 23 November, 2010 11:39  

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