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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The 7 Ingredients for Success

It’s been quite a while since the last Motivation Today blogpost. Yours truly has been busy on some photography projects. I wish to appeal that we may have to limit these posts to 1ce monthly, watch out for new projects coming soon. Thanks for reading…

True enduring success is not a product of chance or luck, but a planned, consistent and deliberate effort. Success is a choice – you become what you choose, consciously or unconsciously, to become. Winning can become your habit as you constantly leverage the elements that make it predictable.

1. Vision- A sense of purpose & direction determines ALL your life’s choices. Your vision is an insight into a favourable future. You must not only develop insight but also “outsight”, “farsight” & “fatsight” as you journey into the world of your dreams. Insight and outsight are the products of a sound knowledge and understanding of the facts. Farsight is the capacity to see the future of bliss in a seeming bleak situation; it’s a run against myopia. Fatsight is the ability to dream big. A clear vision underguards the dream journey, which is a faith walk. See beyond your nose, keep the end in sight.

2. Passion- To succeed in any endeavour; believe in your vision, yourself and your environment. Passion provides the combustion for hardwork and the strength to surmount challenges. It sees the path through every barricade of distraction & problem and supplies you energy with self confidence. Don’t keep mute about what makes you cry. Cry out in passion and see you fly. Passion is a good disturbance that rattles you out of your comfort zone. Inertia and casualness will give way once you discover your passion: whatever makes you cry, laugh, complain, angry and catches your attention always is your passion.

3. Information- Information adds flesh to your vision and helps you design a roadmap that will lead to accomplishment. Insight and outsight cannot develop without appropriate information. Curiosity will help grow your knowledge base. Brian Tracy says, “Successful people are those who learned from others who have gone before them.” Learn why others failed or succeeded. There is also the need to be able to clearly and effectively communicate your ideas.

4. Money- The currency that translates vision to reality and the resource that provides other resources. In the actualisation of your dream, money must be a means to an end, never an end in itself because when it becomes an end, it only intensifies a sense of unfulfilment in life. Money can NEVER deliver 100% satisfaction to anyone, whereas loving and touching others’ lives positively will. The human desire for wealth is insatiable; otherwise, the rich would have quit striving to be richer. Get out of your inertia; quit complaining about ‘lack of capital’. Instead, go and learn how to use OPM (other people’s money). OPM comes through loans, bank overdrafts, mortgages etc. A good alternative is to use your social capital. Social capital is using your integrity or goodwill to get business favour. For instance, Mrs A may start a pastry business by getting 10 bags of flour on credit from Mrs. B based on long-standing goodwill. Money is not everything and not all the money you need to accomplish your vision will flow in from day 1.

5. People- People are the machinery that translates vision to reality. By now should have realized you’re neither omnipresent nor omnipotent. People within your circle of influence act as your 3rd hand as they assist with what you are unable to achieve on your own. They contribute physical, moral and intellectual skills. Avoid the temptation to see people as tools that can be used and over-labour and dumped. Assemble a balanced team, understand the personalities and skills of your team members, and then leverage them for success.

6. Character- The sustenance of a man with a vision. A character flaw does to a man what toothache does to a beautiful face. An unfixed character flaw is a silent plot of one’s downfall. A leader’s personal values always transmit to an organisation’s core values. Enron and Cadbury are unfortunate recent instances. Work daily at self discipline, making quality choices and delaying gratification and you’ll build a lasting reputation.

7. God- The invisible Persona that makes things fall in place and the supernatural Authority whose final word makes all the difference. Human effort without divine leverage is futile. Pray to God to align you with His perfect will, which is a guarantee for winning. Trust Him to make your plans come through. Show charity to God, orphans and widows, and it will come back to you in multiples. Caveat: don’t depend on God if you’ve chosen the path of indolence, lethargy or indifference.

Dream, make achievable plans, run a feasibility test on your dream, and boldly step out and execute your plans. Water your dream constantly. Develop the necessary passion, get the capital (intellectual, financial & human), build your character and trust God to bless your effort. Today is the future you made reference to yesterday; the future is today!

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