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Friday, December 24, 2010

Why giants fall 2

It has been established that your Achilles’ heels has the potential to act as your stumbling stone in future, if un-checked and nipped in the bud. Usually, people don’t trip over large rocks but little stones which are almost invisible. Negligible bad habits and attitudes, little foxes that spoil the vine reduce great men to rubble.

We all possess thoughts, attitudes, habits or addictions that we hold dear. Some are not negative but, either way, thay all have the capacity to shape our lives positively or otherwise.

Imagine someone who loves to read books on any subject from literature or romance to accounting. If he stumbles on metaphysics and it distorts his mental orientation, this would be a good habit (reading) gone bad. This happened to my cousin some years ago. She read a book that deranged her mentally, making her a psychiatric patient for the next 3 to 4 years. You must be cautious to prevent your good habits from going overboard.

Let’s examine the 4 steps of character formation.

1.       Thoughts- Every man’s life is only as great as the quality of his thoughts. Your thoughts influence your self esteem, which in turn determines your life results. “Sow a thought, reap an action…” says an ancient proverb. Your progress is limited by the length and breadth of your foresight and hindsight. The Japanese say, “Good thinking, good product.” I have since discovered that almost every lingering life issue is a wisdom problem- the inability to connect to the right solution.

The celebrated footballer who scored Nigeria’s 1st goal at the world cup, Rashidi Yekini, is reported to now be a shadow of his former self. He now lives as a recluse, having separated from his wife and friends. It is also being publised that he’s mentally depressed. When interviewed by a journalist about his dwindling career many years ago, he attributed this to his wife’s diabolical powers. A great star of his calibre limited his progress to diabolism- every man is a slave to his beliefs.

Many Africans still short-change themselves, believing that someone is responsible for their woes. Believe instead in God’s liberating power to break barriers and fight for your victory. Think through; pray through and set yourself free from mental, spiritual and physical hindrances. You’re your greatest enemy and your greatest barrier is your mind.

2.       Attitudes- In 1996, Nigerians were excited about a new revelation- Dosu Joseph, the goalkeeper of the Dream Team to the Atlanta Olympics. His accurate saves were partly instrumental to the winning of the gold medal and his fans were already looking forward to his bright future in the game. But one bad night a year later, his promising career ground to a halt! He was reported to have partied and drank alcohol so bad that he had a ghastly auto accident. He had a severe spinal-cord injury that abruptly red-carded him out of the game at age 23. Youthful exuberance has destroyed the potential of many promising talents.

Recently, I heard the story of a young promising lady who was withdrawn from a music reality show. She had posed nude (perhaps for her boyfriend) and the pictures had found their way into the wrong hands, which were ready to blackmail her and the organisers of the show. It’s sad how we allow moments of vain fun to cut short our promising future.

3.       Habits- “Sow an action, reap a habit…” says an ancient proverb.

Three years ago, the image of nollywood actress, Yetunde Taiwo Akinwande (aka Wunmi) was tarnished when she was convicted for drug trafficking. She had been arrested at the Lagos airport, having swallowed 12kg of cocaine concealed in 92 wraps. 6 months later, another nollywood star, James Oduputa was arrested for a similar crime. Subsequently another actor almost died of complications arising from cocaine, which had burst in his stomach while trafficking the drug. Live above the bad habits of your profession.

4.       Addictions- Tiger Woods lost millions of dollars, his reputation and influence to an adultery scandal. He had been world’s best golfer for about a decade, making $23m from golf and $105m in brand endorsements for Accenture, Gillette & Nike. In his 13 year career, he earned $900m alone in prize money. All these have diminished as Tiger has been weighed down by emotional setbacks and has since struggled to return to top form.

An Achilles’ heel not only hurts your pocket or reputation, it hurts those who feed at your table and the whole world. Your potent

ials get you up the ladder of success but strength of character keeps you on top. Character influences your choices, builds your potentials and makes you different; it helps you outlive your time. Good character is really not a choice.

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