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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why people fail 3

Failure happens when people fail to do what successful people do, do them for the wrong reasons, use a wrong method, or at the wrong time. They may not necessarily fail because of their inaction but wrong action. All your decisions are products of your thoughts, which are conditioned by your beliefs. Your beliefs stem from your environment, personality, interests, knowledge and culture. Why are beliefs so important? Because they control all your actions and positive belief is the root of success. You’re the product of your thoughts.

Why do people fail?

The Plan to Fail- This must be an error! Do people actually plan to fail? Certainly, when they fail to plan. Failure progresses when you have a bright dream but you fail to create an action plan- steps to execute that will create the dream. The success of any project is as good as the plan. If you must make N50, 000 a month as a fashion designer, how many clothes will you make & sell that will deliver that turnover? How do you intend to sell? That’s a plan in the making. If you desire to become a famous musician, how often do you need to pen lyrics, rehearse and watch your competitors’ performances? What daily discipline regime do you need to subject yourself to? What are you willing to give up to get up?

Success is a mirage where there’s no plan. Don’t create vague goals; they must be achievable, believable and concrete. Your dream is not flying because you’ve not given it wings. Set exciting, time-bound goals and strictly adhere to them. Give them a shot and steadily but surely, you’ll fly with eagles.

Lack of initiative- People who lack initiative wait for the perfect moment before they act. They over-magnify fear, obstacles, disappointments and lack. If life were to be taken as it is, no one will lift a finger, no development will happen; the 33 trapped Chile miners will all be dead. Our planet is advancing because some people are taking the initiative to fill in the gaps. Success doesn’t just happen, it is initiated. Work at what you believe in, damn the consequences. New creations were all initially despised and condemned by people who were myopic. Take steps into your long-range vision. Take steps to right the wrongs that make your heart bleed. Take steps in spite of your fear. The fear and the problems will take care of themselves as you take steps and cripple inertia. If you’re waiting for someone’s prodding, you lack initiative. Step to the top.

Indiscipline- This is the reason successful people fail. Tu Face is a victim of sex scandals. Cecilia Ibru is jailed for financial recklessness. Idris Abdulkareem is reputed for public brawls. Majek Fashek does drugs. Need I say more? You know their stories. Private victory precedes public victory and the greatest victory you will win is victory over yourself. Lack of self control will, in a day; destroy the success it cost you hardworking years to build. Power is a sugar-coated poison. Be careful not to get bloated, pride always comes before a fall. He that is down needs fear no fall. The higher you climb the ladder of success, the more precaution is necessary because the more devastating your fall will be; if you fall. Childish people do everything their minds suggest, mature people exercise restraint. Are you a child in adult’s clothing? British novelist, Iris Murdoch says, “ not an inconsequential chucking of one's weight about, it is the disciplined overcoming of self.”

The race for success is lifelong. There is no permanent success; you must keep replicating the event to stay on top. If you fail, learn your lessons, get back up, refuel and refire. It takes a little more insight, strategy and passion (guts) to do much work.

To be continued…

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  • Way to go, bros.

    By Anonymous kola oluyemi, At 20 October, 2010 21:55  

  • Thank u; pls more of these. God bless u!

    By Anonymous Nneka Aghadiuno, At 20 October, 2010 21:58  

  • Thank you, weldone

    By Anonymous akpan etido, At 20 October, 2010 22:16  

  • Wat'z up Tunde.
    I see you becoming the greatest motivational speaker of our time. Keep it up padi mi.
    You are reviving so many souls daily. The Lord will enlarge you heart the more. He will give you a word for every season of your life.

    By Anonymous tope falade, At 20 October, 2010 22:18  

  • Bros, nice one. I really like.
    Any plan to publish a book?

    By Blogger AlooFar, At 27 October, 2010 18:23  

  • Thanks everyone.
    @Aloofar, yeah, an e-book is coming soon by God's grace. You'll help edit sef.

    By Anonymous motivation today, At 27 October, 2010 20:27  

  • Take steps to right the wrong that makes your heart bleed...
    That is d part I found most exciting in this blogpost.

    Need I say more, God bless u abundantly! I live for positive things; they inspire me 2 be better. Till 2morrow, Ben Carson is sm1 I will always cherish. He not only inspires me, he also helped me retrace my steps 2 God! I fell in love with God over again.

    I appreciate positive things, dat is how I live. Do keep up the good job. God bless.

    By Anonymous Nneka Aghadiuno, At 27 October, 2010 20:36  

  • Nice work, am blessed.

    God will strengthen you.

    By Anonymous bola adebajo, At 27 October, 2010 20:58  

  • Tunde! This is insightful! Keep it up.

    By Anonymous ralph okorie, At 27 October, 2010 21:03  

  • I'm part of the RCF group and have been following Motivation Today for some time. I really learn and get motivation from them. Keep up the good work! When will you be writing a book?
    Have a great day.

    By Anonymous emmanuel abiola, At 29 October, 2010 23:21  

  • Thanks Tunde.

    You are doing a very good job on your blogspot.

    By Anonymous Opeoluwa M. Ogundipe, At 29 October, 2010 23:36  

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