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Friday, September 10, 2010

Overcome the moment

Recently, I was at a petrol station to have my car wheel alignment done. As I waited at the restaurant of the fuel station, this statement by Tiger Woods jolted me out of my reverie:
“It’s not what you achieve in life that matters, it’s what you overcome.”
Coming from Woods during the period of his marital and career turmoil, this quote, I must assert, is phenomenal.  You’re most likely aware about the exposure of his philandering and subsequent divorce. It seems the world’s richest athlete has discovered that in the final analysis, wealth, fame or influence matters far less than character.
Are you pushing the limits in your life? Are you re-inventing your character? Improve you and live in the light of eternity. Strength of character is now in short supply worldwide, accept you need help.
Getting to the top is no child’s play, remaining at the top of your game is even more Herculean. That Bill Gates was consistently unblemished as world’s richest man for over a decade is phenomenal. You’ve got to pay the price for the top. It comes in the little things you have to overcome daily. Problems are opportunities in disguise.

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  • Hmmmm character-the greatest need of the moment!

    By Anonymous dupe erinosho, At 12 September, 2010 20:42  

  • @ Dupe, yes o. that's the mark of a real man. There're many boys living in 'men'. So many pple invest in their looks and their personalities and leave character to the winds...Thanks.

    By Anonymous tunde alabi-hundeyin, At 14 September, 2010 20:40  

  • Hmmmm, so when the looks do not catch attention again and the influences of their personalities reduce, they become irrelevant because they lack what is needed for all time- CHARACTER

    By Anonymous dupe erinosho, At 14 September, 2010 20:42  

  • true talk tunde,long time,how's the family?rdgs to them.

    By Anonymous ronke sanyaolu, At 14 September, 2010 20:45  

  • And when it's all overcome its called achievement. They are so
    intricately linked that you cannot do one without getting to the other.

    By Anonymous tosin dania, At 16 September, 2010 20:45  

  • Nice one. keep it coming. God bless you

    By Anonymous fame eromosele, At 16 September, 2010 21:02  

  • I agree, what distinguishes the successful from the famous is character. Some are famous but not successful. May God help us. Thanks for sharing Tunde.

    - LDP

    By Blogger LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR, At 16 September, 2010 21:15  

  • Another nice piece Tunde......that is so true, it is often said that what made men fall from the top is what climbed with them on thier way up the ladder but they paid it no attention. Let's watch, lest we fall......if we must make heaven, we need to die daily....

    By Anonymous Kunle Oyelami, At 16 September, 2010 21:20  

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