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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Act Now 2

If you inundate your mind too much about the future,
you’ll never get anything done today.
Focus on an area where you have a great deal of control today.
“Naija go beta… Naija go beta…” has brought us to this jungle of misgovernance.
Each generation has conceded the responsibility of change to an elusive “unborn generation”.

What is your priority in this season of your life?
What you commit yourself to doing today will determine what you become in future.
Have you any plan to develop your core competence?

If today is the road to the future, you must make each day’s step count.
The result of action - or inaction – is usually lifelong.
Warren Buffet, the 2nd richest man in the world says,
“What the wise man does at the beginning, fools do at the end.”

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  • Saw your blog and just want to say I love what you do.

    Keep up the good work.

    God bless you.

    Perhaps there is a way we could collaborate on something sometime...

    Have a look at my blog - and we could take it from there.

    Ekundayo Moyosore Samuel | Le Dynamique Professeur | New Zealand

    By Anonymous samuel ekundayo, At 24 July, 2010 14:29  

  • Well done broda. I really commend your efforts. May God crown your efforts with
    Each Edition of Motivation today adds value to my life and gives me an
    opportunity for indepth reflection and to make a positive change where I have
    More power to your elbow aburo! lol!
    Kind regards to your famille.

    By Anonymous diana, At 26 July, 2010 21:20  

  • Well done Tunde... God bless you....

    By Anonymous tope ajao, At 26 July, 2010 21:23  

  • SO Short ,one would oliver twist it

    By Anonymous mimi anyam, At 29 July, 2010 20:22  

  • thanks and God bless u for this edition. We really need to go all out especially as xtians to ACT NOW.Its very easy to procrastinate...hum!!! especially if one can justify your action.Remembered wen i put to bed i find it difficult to wake up & pray again afterall God knows i just put to bed & am tired from waking up feeding d baby etc. I had to scold myself real hard & get back on my knees. God will give us wisdom to be able to discern when to ACT NOW & not procrastinate. Tayo

    By Anonymous Tayo Alade, At 04 August, 2010 16:40  

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