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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Your inner strength is a key to the discovery of your purpose. A strength is an activity that generates consistent near-perfect performance. Many parents have in the past shut up the potentials of their kids because they trivialised their talents. Several potential Leonardo da Vincis had their instincts silenced by their parents’ whips.

Toyin Ibitoye is today an award-winning sports presenter on Channels TV. When he was young, he fantasised a lot about his passion and ran football commentaries while in the bathroom. Your future is hidden in your daily activities.

What gives you the kick? What would you have done rather than what you are doing now?
In Mind Your Business 3, I asked for what your strength statements were. These are statements that describe the activities that unlock your passion and potential. Here are a few responses from my readers:

 I feel strong when I’m planning/packaging an event or developing a TV script.
My comment: This person will succeed as an events planner, TV scriptwriter or TV producer.

 I feel strong when I add value to the lives of people around me.
 I feel strong when I’m doing something that will stand the test of time
 I feel strong when I pursue self empowering initiatives.
My comment: teaching, consultancy, social entrepreneuring, broadcasting, publishing, infopreneuring, writing, public speaking and so on would do for this fella.

 I feel strong when I help young people solve life issues.
 I feel strong when I listen to young people speak.
 I feel strong when older people listen to me advise them.
My comment: This respondent could build a career as a youth counsellor, youth consultant/researcher, educationist, youth performance coach, newspaper columnist or TV/radio presenter (on youth/adult issues), care giver e.t.c.

Creating your strength statement will assist you in discovering and maximising your potentials. What thought, event, action, people, situation or environment energises you? Sit down and think, what makes you tick?

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