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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Live life

He who looks to the wind will never sow. We waste
too much time waiting for opportunities and utopia- a state of perfection.
Initiate thought, implement action.
Trust your intuition to take you through this mess. You
may not see the big picture at the beginning but a trial will convince you.
Each step will lead you to the next step.

When God gives you a destination, He doesn’t usually give a map.
Each day you live, you gather a missing piece of your life’s jig-saw puzzle. Life is
a coin you can spend only once.
Don’t run from the opportunity to solve your problem because “It is only when
it is dark enough that you can see the star.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

“I’ll do it later...I’ll think about it...I’ll cross the bridge when I get there….”
When you say any of these, you miss the opportunity to live life today.

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