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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


“I see entrepreneurship, planted on the rich soil of sound vision- becoming
the next move.”

“These new companies, most of which will initially operate from the homes
of their CEOs, will drive the future and they will become the Fortune
500 corporations of the decades ahead.”

Last blog post, we discussed the fact that the world economy has transited from Stone Age to agrarian society, to industrial economy and to information society. And that the introduction of machinery and softwares were catalysts to this development.

It was also pointed out that the face of the world economy is changing again with the current wave of economic meltdown. As some large firms are sinking, new ones that will become beacons in the future should emerge with you. Now, my question is, what organisation have you/will you plant?

Below is a response from one of the readers of the last edition:

“Tunde, thanks a million. You just shared…the burdens on my heart. My little company will be officially one year next month. Destiny Fillers Centre primarily aims at moulding destinies and interpreting dreams…. I have earned a little from it financially, but I have touched lives beyond even my imaginations…I won’t lie to you, I am a lot fulfilled doing this…I am glad for it. Thank you….”
-Eben Alonge, Ibadan.

How to Mind Your Business
1. Your thoughts/ideas- as you journey into the future, realise that the solution to your aspirations and the lifestyle you desire is hidden in your thoughts. What are the undying thoughts and ideas that have lingered on your mind for as long as you can remember? Begin to pay attention to those bright thoughts that have consistently played in your imagination. Life’s fulfilment is a product of response to inner positive nudges. Stop suppressing it by your current comfort or even travails. Halt for a moment, listen to your dreams. The solution you seek resides with the giant within you.

2. Your strengths & passions- too many times, you complain about what you lack, like you have nothing to cheer about. Celebrate and leverage on your strengths. Let your passion work for you. Can you plan, sing, visualise, design things, care for others, teach, sell, do sports, talk, write, make people laugh, create ideas or research? This suggests that you have some potential. There is no one living who has nothing to exchange for money. Locate your passion. Every man called great is someone who has been doing what he loves to do. What cause will you want to live for? Walk the walk.

3. Act Now- do something everyday that will lead to your dreams. Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. You will not achieve much in life procrastinating. It is time to stop talking, start acting on your dreams. Plan your way up the greatness ladder and act on your plan. Pursuit is proof of desire.

Do not put up with your 2nd best. Pick up your pieces where you left them and return to your 1st love. Ignite your own fire, run your own race, play your own music. Cross the threshold of limitation, mediocrity, inertia and fear. Move ahead and burn the bridge behind you.


  • "Ideas are seeds..." U said this in 1 of your oast editions. An idea kept coming to my mind for d past 1 week now and i remembered what you said. i have d desire to open a bookstore... i hope to do a kind of feasibility study between now and Dec. waiting for your advice.

    Mrs Dee, Ilorin

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 18 October, 2009 14:56  

  • I love this, Tunde! In fact, your message transcends the motivational and smells of the prohetic!
    In HIS strength , I can run against a troop; by my GOD I have leapt over a wall!

    By Anonymous jide akoni, At 14 March, 2010 19:45  

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