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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Lukan sits up on the bed, obviously exhausted, his eyes sore from sleepless nights pregnant with expectations of a better tomorrow. He rises and paces back and forth the small lonely room. The small window above his head lets in an ambience of light from the full moon peeping from miles away. His mind is a conflux of imaginations of the court ruling which will ultimately set him free by 10.00 am, just a few hours away. Already he can see Justice Kuti’s gavel smashing open his prison doors. All he is waiting for is daybreak.

Daybreak is a moment in history. It is the triumph of light over obscurity, the revelation of hope and the herald of newness. It is the point when silence gives way to the cock crow and the chirping of the early birds.

I am glad to inform you that your silent efforts in darkness are giving way to fame and cheerful announcements around you. Things are going to take a new turn for you, you will sing a new song and it will seem like things have always been rosy for you. The beauty of your roses will outshine the pain of your thorns.

Patience is a proof of your strength of character, a proof that you merit the trophy. Every enduring value passes the endurance test. Wait, trust God. Our world has sold out patience for lives on the fast lane- 2 minute noodles, fast foods and microwave ovens. We want it sharp sharp. This breeds shallow visions, shallow lives and shallow productivity. We need a new orientation to time. Many embrace get-rich-quick gimmicks and end up beaten. Others move from job to job only to regret their actions so soon. Wait a minute, think again. The grass always seems greener on the other side but you may need to climb the fence to see how dry and brown it is.

Stop feeling hopeless, jobless, wifeless/husbandless, carless and homeless. It is all about the state of your mind. Psyche yourself; feel hopeful, feel alive, feel successful and step out to achieve your feelings. Today’s actions were yesterday’s thoughts. Tomorrow’s actions are today’s thoughts. Change your mind, choose to think differently.

Many times, the position we occupy at a point in time gets us puffed up and we feel like there is no greater future than where we are.

Remember how as a youth corper, you always felt high whenever those village schools girls and boys addressed you as “Corper XYZ”. You probably dressed in your khaki back to your school to ‘oppress’ those undergrads, like I did when I was serving. Lol.

Now that you are a corporate executive, you feel like a ‘big boy/girl’. You look down on corpers and you tell them stories about “in my days when I was serving…” Life is a staircase; it is a step at a time. The experience enjoyed at each step always seems like tomorrow does not exist. You may proceed up, fall down or remain stagnant on a step- it depends on your attitude to life and success.

When at the threshold of breakthrough, the pressure to give up usually becomes more compelling. Find reasons to stand your ground and you will find greatness in the process of time.
You are a person of influence. You are greatness in the making. You are a power-broker. You are wealthy. You are intelligent. The distance between here and there is t. T is time. Do not stifle your potential by a reckless act of impatience. Wait for daybreak.


· Anxiety can be described as unresolved fear. -Lewis Wolpert
· Quitting is not running from our problems, it is running from the opportunity to solve
our problems. -Dr Ubah Maxwell
· Quitting means we believe that our problems are greater than our faith, abilities, and our
God. -Dr Ubah Maxwell

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  • tunde u have always loved writing, i think
    we will start u up big time in write-ups and publish it. tanx
    , God bless u.

    Bukola Kehinde

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 09 July, 2009 14:13  

  • I was really blessed reading this. Well articluated.
    God bless you my brother, more grace.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 09 July, 2009 14:15  

  • Your
    write-ups are truly motivating.Keep it up!

    Abiola Olugbodi

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 09 July, 2009 14:18  

  • How are you doing? Thanks for the newsletters.
    They are really good.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 09 July, 2009 14:20  

  • I was truly blessed!
    It was a word in season
    . We should always see our situation as a steppin stone
    to greatness
    and trully, be motivated
    Motunrayo Odukoya

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 13 July, 2009 16:31  

  • Your words are like rhema that address each day, each person and each situation in a peculiar way.

    Eyitayo Lawal

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 13 July, 2009 16:39  

  • Hi Tunde albi Hundeyin 11!
    I've been reading your stuff this is a step further from just texy messages to email who knows soon it might be something tech(er)!

    Well done my bros! Please remeber me when u get to paradise!

    By Blogger chinedum, At 14 July, 2009 15:07  

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