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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Have you been consistently facing disappointments on a task? Decide whether to keep at it, change strategic approach or choose a new idea entirely. Plans fail sometimes due to wrong motives, wrong approaches, low drive/passion, inability to source for resources, poor management of resources, uncertainty, poor planning and fear. These may bother on educational, career/business, marriage or money plans.
This is the time to take an inventory of your life as lived in recent times. Have you consistently misused the resources and opportunities around you? Time, people, ideas, places and events are raw materials for the bright future you desire.
Outline your strengths and weaknesses. Magnify your strengths to make up for your weaknesses. Find out the opportunities and threats around you. Pursue those opportunities and silence the threats. Do not complain about your elusive desirable future if you are not ready to ditch your comfort zone. Quit singing the old song when new melody is available. The old wine was good for the past, not for today or tomorrow. Find your voice.
Your fear has kept you from taking territories. Someone else acted against his fear and smiled to the banks. The difference between you two is in the use of the mind. What would you have done if you were not afraid? Deolu Akinyemi says, “Never let your actions be determined by the feelings of fear. Rise above them, confront them, and live the lives of your dreams.”

The greater your risk appetite, the greater your propensity to achieve big success. Risks are walls of separation from big opportunities, scale over them and you are on your way to the future you desire. All achievers have stories of failure and success to tell. They however became success stories because they stuck to their guns, continued to take risks and repeated their success rate. Do not sacrifice your bright future on the altar of fear and insecurity.

To survive this global economic crunch, you must be ready to do things differently from others. Change your approach and outshine your competitors. Change is the key to unlocking doors in a recession. Anticipate change, control change and be the change you wish to see.

-To double your success rate, double your failure rate. - Deolu Akinyemi

-Failing is not the same thing as becoming a failure. Failing becomes failure if failing is a destination rather than a bus stop. - Deolu Akinyemi

-Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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