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Monday, May 25, 2009


Motivation Today E-zine, Issue 02, May 2009

“When written in Chinese, the word, ‘crisis’ is composed of
characters. One represents danger and the other represents
- John F. Kennedy

There are two sides to every coin. What you see becomes your reality: head or tail. Your mind is going to play a major role during this economic crisis. Like the rudder that controls a ship, it is going to determine the course of your life. How do you perceive the concept of ‘crisis’? Do you see it as a danger or as an opportunity?

Crisis means unexpected change. Meaning that, if you organise a party for 20 people, then 50 people turn up; it will result in a food crisis. But the reverse would be the case if less than 20 people show up. A crisis introduces new problems. Problems are not walls of limitation but pedestals to new opportunities. What do you see? It is wise to keep your mind on things you want and off the things you do not want.

Why Is This Recession For You?
1. Redistribution of Wealth
Many wealthy people have held on to wealth for too long that they are so greedy not to establish businesses that will create jobs and opportunities for the poor. They stash it away on Wall Street and in Swiss accounts. Some of it is already changing hands. People with vision who harness their potentials by selling products or providing services are inevitably provided with the opportunities to trap some of this wealth. This recession is providing opportunities for those who can see the movement of money. Salaried jobs would not provide this opportunity though. Have you realised that Mike Adenuga, Aliko Dangote and Femi Otedola- the wealthiest men in this nation fall within the same age group? This is because they seized the opportunities that showed up at a certain season of their lives; sometime in the 90s. They chose to stand out of the crowd. The new millionaires and billionaires of the next decade are emerging during this recession. Same goes for the new have-nots. The world is in a very delicate season.

2. The Law of Recognition
Many times, you do not realise an opportunity until you lose one. Sharpen your inner sight; your insight. This is the time to process correctly, the information you glean from the mass media, seminars, fora and via word-of-mouth. Success is said to be 10% information and 90% perception. Interpret what you hear, see and read, and convert same to income.

3. Risks
Increase your risk appetite, with every opportunity comes risks. Do not be afraid to take calculated risks in trying new things/ideas. Do not sit on the fence or get stuck to your rut. The fear of death should discourage people from air travel but the aviation industry is still thriving. The fear of stillbirth should have stopped your mother from having you, but she still tried anyway. Close your eyes, confront your fears and act. It is better to die trying than not even making an effort to try.

4. Creativity and Innovation
New products and services are usually products of problems. Every problem-solver requires creative and innovative solutions in combating challenges. Leke Alder opines that, “when you mix your dreams with your skills and your problems and the problems of others you’re concerned about, you have a business idea cooking.” Develop your problem-solving skills. Do not chicken-out at the sight of walls, face them head-long. If they do not fall, try another solution. You cannot solve new problems with old methods.

5. The Law of Attraction
You attract to yourself whatever you think about. You will always attract to yourself your most dominating thoughts and obsessions. If you think wealth in recession, you will attract opportunities that will create it. If you think scarcity, then you will attract it. So, what do you think?

6. World Advancement
Because of new problems that are being created during this economic downturn, new products and services will emerge that will move the world further. This is the time for young professionals to embrace responsibility. Many rigid-thinking companies will fold up and there will emerge companies of the future. Are you thinking glocally?

7. Giving
“Don’t get all you can, can all you get and sit on the can”, goes an old saying. One of the causes of the meltdown is greed, so avoid the path. Give to those less privileged than you are. Give opportunities, give hope, give information, give money, give jobs, give service and give what you have free. There would never be a better yesterday for givers.

This recession is for you. If you believe and break free from your comfort zone, from fear, distrust, greed, rigidity, despair, ignorance, trauma and retrogressive mindsets, you will indeed reap the benefits hidden in it. Register your dream company, market a product or service, find opportunities, be ready to change, network and collaborate with stronger people. Finding nothing to do is not an option. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime moment in history.

Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin II

Ø “The optimist sees the rose and not the thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious of the rose” - Kahlil Gibran
Ø “You can never solve a problem at the level it was created.” - Myles Monroe

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  • MT, to me, is topical, analytical and thought-provoking. I believe its ganna go a long way to reshape the minds of many, especially the youth. Just continue to say it as it is. NEW THINGS are springing forth from it. Watch.

    Tosin Adeyanju

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 25 May, 2009 14:18  

  • Waoh! Waoh! I'm just speechless. This is enough food for thot. Hmm, thanks Tunde, you're a gift to our generation.

    Nicholas Olusegun

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 25 May, 2009 14:56  

  • This is indeed wonderful! These are words of wisdom. A word, they say, is enough for the wise. I'm sure reading this is enough to make 'fools' wise.

    Opeyemi Alabi-Hundeyin.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 25 May, 2009 15:20  

  • Dear Tunde,

    Thank you for the information and i quite enjoyed the piece.

    As i said to you yesterday am looking for something and you have made me go back to scripture (OT) and find out how God wanted them to respond to the difficult period they faced.

    Well done and keep up the good work.

    Sisan zisan

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 25 May, 2009 22:44  

  • Tunde thanx 4 this piece of motivaton and information; like what the bible said "my people perish for lack of knowledge"; the youths needs this kind of motivation and infomation. what is going on in the world today is simply what you just said. But i have some more fact about the whole thing; i believe is the Nigeria money not in circulation in the world (corrupt leaders are being careful this because of EFCC) that is causing all this. Europe and other developed nations trade on nigeria money taken abroad by our corrupt leaders. But 4 a 2nd thought if the money stays in africa and industries are built, dont you think by now africa, especailly Nigeria would have been the richest country and continent in the world. Pls we need to rebrand our leaders to see what they can do with our money even when it is looted (bad way).

    Daniel Giwa

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 25 May, 2009 22:48  

  • Great stuff! Well done!

    By Blogger Adeolu, At 26 May, 2009 17:57  

  • Hello Tunde,
    > Thanks so much. That's an excellent piece, with profound
    > insights. And I admire the writing style too. I'm highly impressed with
    > what you're doing.
    > I look forward to your next writing.

    Frank Ezirim.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 27 May, 2009 13:03  

  • Tunde this is a very good one. I enjoyed every bit of it. Pastor Chris says something, every problem gravitates towards its solution. We truly need to see the opportunities in the challenges that come around.
    Take care!

    Bimbo Adigun

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 02 June, 2009 13:40  

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