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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Focus and Achieve More

There are so many voices around – voices of trust and distrust, love and hatred, hope and despair, peace and confusion. Climbing the ladder of destiny, you need to ward off distractions coming from below. It’s stuffy and overcrowded below. There’s too much heat below. So MOVE UP and face your destiny! Climb up for fresh air. Muster your inner strength, move up higher and higher until you achieve! Overcome obstacles. Keep your eyes on the goal!
Focus creates blindness.
says Fela Durotoye. It concentrates one’s mental faculties on one’s goal and dims the light on distractions. Focus reduces stress and gets the job done quicker. Stop going off tangent, work with your goals. Walk with the people who give you the kick to stay focused on your goals. Check your map, assess your compass. Stay on course in your journey northward. Discipline is the key. Sail on.


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